Shipping is one of the most important part of your purchase. If you are not able to pick up the machine yourself, you have to trust that the machine will be packaged, handled and delivered by someone who cares as much about the item your buying as you do. When you buy a machine from me, you can trust that you will have that level of care.

There are a few options when it comes to shipping a 350+ lb vending machine and we have it down to and art by now...

First your machine is inspected one last time, then it's wrapped in plastic wrap, and a shipping blanket or heavey cardboard or both. A custom built wood crate made out of 1/2 thick plywood and 2x4's and 2x2's is made for your machine allowing at least 2 inches on each side of the machine inside the crate. The crate is built up on a pallet so that the shipper can move it easily with a pallet jack or forklift. Inside the crate the walls are lined with styrofoam and other packing material ensureing that it will not move inside the crate or rub on the walls of the crate during transit. The whole crate is secured together with screws and finally the top is put on as well. The Crate is labeled front/ back for unpacking purposes. Finally the crated machine is delivered to a local shipping company to be delivered to your door.

I have contacts with several shipping companies and have obtained premium pricing so you don't have to pay an arm an a leg to recieve your machine. Shipping to the nearest Dock in your city is availble as well as DOOR TO DOOR shipping. CONTACT ME for an exact shipping quote for your machine and I'll get right back to you.