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I specialize in the restoration and preservation of vintage vending machines, gas pumps and other vintage vending machines from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I specialize in soda machines and have been restoring those for over 15 years. During this time, I have restored and sold machines all over the country and also overseas. I have several machines in stock or can do a restoration for you on a machine you currently own. I believe in restoring the machine back to the way it was originally made, but using some of todays modern processes like powdercoating and zinc plating the inner tub, shelves, coin mech and more. This webpage is designed to give you a sample of some of the machines I've done, or am working on for current customers plus showcase some items that are availabe for sale. Please read about the restoration process under that tab up above. If you see something you like or would just like to talk about old pop machines, drop me a line.


A couple of tips when looking to purchase a vintage pop machine for your personal use. Most likely your looking to purchase a machine to use as an every day pop/beer vendor. Keep in mind that several machines that where made prior to 1955, ONLY vend the small old 6oz coke bottle or may possilbe vend todays new small 8oz coke bottles that are readily available. Most people call me and say I want to vend my beer bottles in one, and that is alot of fun to have in your gameroom/garage etc.. however there are only a few models that will accomodate today's size bottles. Those models are the multidrink vendors like the Vendo 81, Vendo 110, Vendo 56. There are several post 1960's machines that will accomodate these size bottles as well. There are several machines built prior to the mid 50's that will only vend the smaller bottles like the Vendo 39, Vendo 44, Cavalier 51, etc.. too many to name. Another option is to look for a chest style machine that is merely a cooler, you can put just about anything in it, open the lid, reach in and and grab a cold one. Many slider style machines that I restore, I remove the bottle slides as it's very had to grip a long neck beer bottle in these and slide it through the maze as it only sticks up about a 1/2 inch over the rack. My main point is let me know your intentions with the machine when your shopping, if you just want a cool machine to use as a display, there are several to chose from, if you want to use it to vend, be sure to ask if it will accomodate the bottles you want to vend.

If you already own a vintage machine or maybe you got one handed down from a family member or maybe you found one at a local garage sale or auction... Chances are pretty slim that that machine is ready to be plugged in and used as is... best thing to do is get it restored. I recieve many inquiries each day asking if I can restore your machine. The answer is most likey YES, but I would need to know some very basic things before even giving a quote on restoration. First is what machine do you have?? The BEST thing if you dont' know what it is, is just send me some photos.. I can ID the machine for you just by seeing a photo. Include photos of the inside as well to determine if your missing any major parts like bottle drums, shelves, compressor or coin mechanism. If you know if the machine is currently cooling that would be helpful as well, but not essential. Once I have all this information I will be more than happy to get you a quote on restoration, timetable and delivery options ( if zip code is provided). I look forward to hearing from you!

John did an amazing job! The vintage Coke Machine he restored for us looks better than new. It is the center piece of my "ManCave". I'm thinking i need another for the Garage!
 Joe - Jacksonville, FL

We sent in our old Coke Machine to John to restore. It is better than new and looks great in our home.  We use it everyday and it runs and works perfectly.. .Thanks for restoring memories for us John!! Janet F. - Madison WI.